What is Podcasting?


Podcasting is a process that puts audio files (or “podcasts”) online, and allows software to find and download the files to a computer or personal media player.

What is a podcast?

Podcasts are audio (and now video!) files that you can download to your computer or your personal media player (such as an iPod) and listen to at your convenience. Using podcast software, you can subscribe to available radio shows. The software will automatically check for and download new files when they are added, to either your computer, or your media player. Accessing a podcast feed is just like accessing an RSS feed, in that you subscribe to a feed of a podcaster, in this case Your Earth. The difference between podcast feeds and RSS feeds is that you receive audio content instead of text content.


Getting Started Step-by-Step

To begin accessing Your Earth podcasts you will need a computer, internet access and a media player that supports the mp3 file format.

1. Download podcast software.

Podcast software will search out and retrieve the most current versions of the podcasts you subscribe to. There is free podcast software available on the internet, for example iPodder and iTunes. Your Earth recommends iTunes which is available for Windows and Mac and operates identically for both. You will need to download and install this podcast software on to your computer.

2. Copy the address of the podcast feed into your software

After you have downloaded and installed podcast software, copy the address of the Your Earth podcast into the podcast software.

Here is the actual address of the Your Earth podcast:


In iTunes for example, just click on the "Advanced" tab at the top of the page and copy and paste the above address into the URL window that opens.

3. Listen

When a new show is available, your podcast software will automatically download it to your computer. (You may have an iPod that syncs to your computer to make your audio portable - that's even cooler!) Then you can listen to the show anytime you like, using a media player that supports the mp3 file format, for example iTunes.

Here is what the terrific Wikipedia says about Podcasting.

That's it!

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